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Please reach out to the committee lead, Nichole Biber, to offer your help working for the protection of wolves in Michigan, sacred to the Anishinaabek, hunted and killed to be a "trophy".

Did you know the DNR does not make Michigans hunting rules? State law makers are pushing to create a trophy hunting & trapping season for wolves.

Voters have rejected wolf hunting, but the Natural Resource Commission won't listen to Michigan voters or tribes.

The Anishinaabek Caucus, Wolf Preservation Team, relisting statement:

The Anishinaabek Caucus, Wolf Preservation Team, relisting statement

Anishinaabek Caucus statement to the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee to honor the Wolf Treaty. 12/8/22

Pearl Biber's "Paths Crossed" presented to the NRC.  12/8/22 photos from the meeting

Letter to Chairman McBroom and the members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee demanding that they  oppose the passage of Senate Resolution 15, which encourages the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to authorize a hunting and trapping season for Michigan’s gray wolves in the fall of 2021. 02/23/21

Anishinaabek Caucus member Nichole Biber's statement to the MI Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Committee, (@ 1:10:20 in the video); Caucus member Thomas Gilpin's statement is immediately afterwards. 1/27/22

Wolf Preservation Townhall - Trophy hunting is not wolf management, 3/24/21

Michigan Senate Resolution for Wolf Hunt - Tribes not consulted, 2/25/21

Let Wolves Live Limited Edition

Nitaawe Shananaquet

The artist: Let Wolves Live

A tribal citizen of the LTBB Odawa, Nitaawe is an artist living in New Orleans.  She created this drawing using pencil on unbleached paper. The central image reflects the intertwined fates of Ma’iingan and the Anishinaabek, with floral elements symbolic of our shared woodland home. The detailed, realistic rendering helps underscore the truth of Gidinawendamin - “we are all related”. 

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Webinar - Ma'iingan: Wolves and the Anishinaabe People

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