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Although George Armstrong Custer distinguished himself as a Union soldier in the Civil War, after the war he fought in the "Indian Wars" aiding in the killing and forcible relocation of Indigenous peoples in the expanding United States. That he’s honored so publicly and ubiquitously in Monroe (Michigan) is an affront, and hurtful, to Indigenous people. Children, especially, are affected—they feel outside, apart from society in seeing their historical enemies honored while none from their society are held in esteem.


petition to rename Custer airport in Monroe, MI
(city-owned; opened in 1946)

petition for renaming of the Custer Ball
(a little league program started in 1955)

petition for renaming of roads named Custer

petition to rename Custer Elementary School
(Custer was a separate school district established in 1891.)

Monroe City Council Meeting, 4/5/21
(anti-Custer comments at 0:34:56 and 1:34:12 of this video)

Write to Monroe City Council members!


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