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Protect Manoomin from Extinction!

Request State Representative Ronnie Peterson Re-Introduce the Manoomin Bill into the State Legislature Below

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Dear Representative Peterson;

I kindly request you continue the fight to make Manoomin the Native grain of Michigan. Manoomin is central to Anishinaabek community cohesion, commerce, agricultural practices, healthful sustenance, and cultural and historic lineage. Because of these deep connections,Manoomin is considered sacred.

Manoomin is facing extinction due to a variety of predators such as channelization, dams, pollution, invasive species and bacteria as well as boating, greenhouse gas emissions and mining.

If Manoomin is made the Native Grain of Michigan, the plant will receive attention and educational opportunities that will favor Manoomin's survival. Manoomin is an important part of Michigan's lake ecosystem and needs the protection.

Thank you,